Fostering Talent

Good communication can be taught and learned. Founded in 1982, the Institut Kutschera offers education, consulting, training, seminars, coaching, project and process support at the highest level.

As early as 1974, the founder of the institute, Dr. Gundl Kutschera, developed the Kutschera-Resonanz® method, with the help of which holistic health and good communication can be taught and learned and individual talents can be exposed.

Making Dreams Come True

Very early on we know what interests us and what we want to know more about. We help to consciously perceive this knowledge and dreams from childhood in order to bring personal talents and dreams to earth.

Similar to an orchestra in which everyone plays their own instrument and all instruments can still be in harmony with each other, it is possible for each person to live in their own resonance and swing together with others at the same time.

Giving a Meaning

With the implementation of individual talents and dreams and through the combination of specialist knowledge and intuition, new doors are opened for private and professional life.

Large global problems can only be solved if each individual person first comes into resonance with himself/herself. This also applies to partnerships, families, companies, large organizations, nature and politics.