Research Centre for Applied Basic Research

This century is the century of consciousness. Brain research shows that only a small part of the enormous capacity of our brain is consciously trained. We use the majority of our brain "somehow" and exactly this "somehow" is not good enough. Who learns to use this capacity has much more chances to solve the complex tasks of the future. Discoverers and inventors have always penetrated areas they didn't know. They didn't know what to expect, but seemed to have a strong inner urge and a deep trust to live their dream.

The Talent Academy for Applied Research and Sustainable Development (TAK®) conducts basic research in the following areas: Talents, intuition, good communication and humanity. It wants to show that soft skills are teachable and learnable just like any specialist knowledge and that repeatable and predictable results can be achieved.

TAK® aims to promote basic research for the individual strengthening of people who lead directly to sustainable development in all areas of life in our society. If dormant talents are exposed in people, this leads to new dimensions in thinking and acting.

Since 1974, Dr. Gundl Kutschera and her team of international trainers, coaches and regional partners have been researching and teaching how successful, healthy and happy living and acting is possible. Research is conducted in the areas of education, business, health, family/school and society.

Human togetherness cannot be researched in laboratories. Only affected persons can achieve results in their areas. The Institut Kutschera has project groups for all research areas in which the results of our work are evaluated and further developed. Here, answers are found to the research questions we have been asking for 40 years:

  • What does personal responsibility mean?
  • What are the new role models for family and career?
  • What does quality of life mean?
  • What does holistic health mean?
  • What does human coexistence mean?