Kutschera-Resonanz® Method

The method shows how one's own resonance, which is often shed in the course of growing up, can be exposed in order to live the balance between one's own needs and those of others.

Living one's own resonance means...

  • more quality of life - work-life balance
  • holistic health through lived feelings and talents
  • live equal, respectful and loving relationships
  • more personal responsibility - authentic decision making and presentation
  • find new role models in private and professional areas

Holistic Teaching and Learning Methods

New teaching methods are needed to enable learning within a framework of trust and loving respect. The teaching and learning methods of the trainings and seminars are implemented according to the latest state of brain research and enable new undreamt-of perspectives with regard to new learning strategies, goals, enthusiasm and motivation.

Use of our Brain

Most people consciously use only a very small part of our brain. We use the largest part unconsciously and purely "accidentally" and we know these results - helplessness, despair, fears, aggressions etc.. 

With the Kutschera-Resonanz® method we teach and learn to consciously use this unconscious reservoir so that completely new dimensions in thinking and acting open up.