Children & Teens

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When parents, teachers and children work together and learn how to motivate each other to live their enthusiasm and talents, together they create families and schools where everyone enjoys living and learning.


Successful learning and sense finding

Through mental training, new learning strategies, movement and nature, individual talents are discovered and unconscious resources are made aware so that they can be used directly in everyday life. Through Superlearning and many metaphors and stories, all the learned becomes directly applicable in everyday life, so that the complex variety of relationships becomes tangible. Metaphors are the oldest teaching methods and make it possible to grasp complex wholeness step by step. With the help of "brain-friendly" learning strategies, new dimensions open up for teaching and learning.

With very clear programmes and repeatable, predictable results, children and adolescents learn to develop their personality in addition to their specialist knowledge.

  • Focus on inner strengths and talents
  • Improvement of motivation and concentration
  • Enjoy learning according to the latest findings of brain research
  • Success at school
  • Reduction of fears and aggressions, conflict resolution
  • Protection against bullying, drugs, addictions or sects
  • Help with dyslexia, dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Social behaviour (empathy and care for others)
  • Self-confidence and present


Current Articles & Publications

Article in Magazin "Sociology today"

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Speech from Dr. Gundl Kutschera, Children-Worldkongress 2006

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Our trainers are multilingual and we are happy to offer you trainings in English language according to your time and content needs.

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