Apprentices in Resonance

Teachers and trainers with authentic leadership styles accompany and support their apprentices successfully on their way to becoming our highly qualified, independent, creative and flexible experts of tomorrow. 

Apprentices who are strong within themselves, have self-confidence, master the training, their lives and have success at their workplace in a healthy and successful way. They are available to business as creative, flexible, independent and highly trained professionals.

Apprentice trainers in resonance accompany their apprentices successfully and healthily

  • Expanding self- and social competence 
  • lead apprentices to LAP with emotional security and self-confidence
  • Increasing team competence - Recognizing and promoting talents
  • Activate enthusiasm and motivation in the job Activate self-reliant action and pass on entrepreneurial thinking
  • remain clear and able to act in difficult situations - (burnout prevention)
  • Strengthening the personality of apprentices to strengthen healthy specialists in companies

Graduate from vocational school in the best possible way

  • Bringing skills to the company
  • Enthusiasm for the company 
  • Reduce days of illness and absenteeism
  • To master the entry into professional life well and to develop into good future skilled workers in the company in order to be able to take up management positions in the company later.